All you need to do is report incident details in the comments at the bottom of this page (under Leave a Reply). If you submit a comment on this website, MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE A DATE AND TIME of the incident. You will be required to submit an email address, which will not be public.

When you report a fire or witness a fire incident, CARDINAL NEWS would like to know …

If flames were showing.

The color of the smoke (black, brown, gray, white, yellow?).

Approximately show many fire engines you saw at the scene.

If there were tower ladders up in the air.

If there were any injuries, how many people were injured.

Of course, call 9-1-1 first for any fire or EMS emergencies.


If you want to give the best possible notification, please consider using one of the following forms.

These forms can also be used to SUBMIT PHOTOS OR A VIDEO …

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